Over $14,000,000,000 was spent last year online and in store on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday. African American buying power has hit $1.1 TRILLION (http://www.blackenterprise.com/small-business/african-american-buying-power-projected-trillions/]). We may have been stripped of our power in the halls of justice, but we still have control when it comes to the one things this country really cares about, MONEY. LET’S EXERCISE OUR POWER and show that #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Why boycott Black Friday?

Each dollar we spend is a vote. Each time we spend money on televisions, computers, games, etc. at businesses that are not speaking out against the atrocities being committed in this country WE ARE VOTING TO PRESERVE THAT SYSTEM. DO NOT MAKE THAT VOTE, hold on to the power of your dollar. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. Support businesses that support us.

Our goal is to divest from the prison industrial complex that makes billions of dollars in annual revenue from the targeting, villainization, and policing of black bodies AND TO REDIRECT THAT MONEY TOWARDS BLACK AND MINORITY OWNED BUSINESSES.

However, this is just the start. This does not end on Black Friday. This is for us to recognize the POWER we have. One day boycotts may not solve our problems. HOWEVER, a CONSCIOUS rethinking of our actions will. Where we spend our money, how we spend it, how we choose to organize, and act. That, WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Let’s not let the media, nor time, wash over our pain only to reopen the wound in a few months with another Black death. Let us remain peaceful, yet steadfast. Let us stand together! (facebook)


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